South African born Priets

Father James Towell:

Monsignor Anthony Seba : Cape Town
Father Lionel Sham; Popular priest who was tragically killed
Father Adami
Father Alan Peter : Medical Doctor practiced Medicine at Baragwaneth Hospital. His combination of priest – Doctor has received much media attention.

Fr Norman Maroun: Brother of Joe Maroun  see business section
Ronnie Maroun: Trappist monk brother of Fr. Norman Maroun
Father Gary George: South African born Lebanses priest. Was ordained in South Africa as a Redemtist monk. Later became a Maronite Priest , today he pastors St Raymond Maronite church parish in St Louis Mo. America. First known South African born Maronite priest.

Special Mention : South Africa has produced many Lebanese Catholic (Latin Rite Priests).Special mention must be made, of the following two Maronite  priests who spent a life time ministering  to the South African Maronite Catholic Community:
Fr. Peter Allam: Arrives in South Africa in 1928 to head not only “The Maronite Catholic Church” but also as the Spiritual head of the South Africa community .He spent 34 years as the Maronite Priest in South Africa. He passed away in 1962 in South Africa, never returning back to Lebanon.
Fr. Michael Chebli: Arrives in South Africa, in 1962, to take over as The Maronite Parish priest for the Nation of South Africa, like Fr. Allam, he is also the spiritual head of the Lebanese community, in South Africa. He serves the community for over 30 years, before being transferred to the Maronite church in Argentina. He returns to South Africa in the 2000’s for another period of service ,before returning to Argentina.

South African born Lebanese Nuns

Alice Abraham;  Born 1907 became the first South African Lebanese nun. She became Mother Superior of the Holy Cross Convent. She died in 1991. A monument was erected in her honour in Parow.
Sister Mary Antonia ; Was born Agnes Farry
Sister Maureen ; Was born Toweel (Sister to The Fighting Toweels)
Sister Mary Maurus : Was Born Imelda Farry and is the blood sister of Agnes Farry
Sister Mary Rafqa: Was Born Gillian Mary Simpson . She worked with Mother Theresa
Sister Lorna Costa.
Sister Elizabeth: Dawn Towell, an Urseline nun , is the blood sister of Fr. Jimmy Towell 
Sister Superior Lorraine Akal:

South African Lebanese pastors and evangelists

Peter Rahme: Evangelist who worked the streets of Johannesburg. Now Lives in US.
Joe Peter: Pastor, former Associated Pastor Rhema Randburg ( with Ray Mc Cauley) now lives in Australia
Laurel Cassell(nee Germanus); Pastors Rhema South Bible church, south of Johannesburg  with her husband Anthony “Tony” Cassell.
Steve and Cathy Leicher ; Pastor at The Living Waters Assembly of God church in Boksburg. Cathy (nee Khoury).