Lebanese Business Personalities

George Elias (Alex) Kayat-Civil Engineer
Designed The Southern Freeway in Durban, and many of Johannesburg’s main Roads (including the double decker). Designer of Thornhill Airport in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).

Tony Khoury – immigrated from Lebanon with his Father, Mother three sisters and brother, in the early 1950’s, and settled in Kroonstad. At the age of 23 was elected to the city council of Kroonstad, at the time being the youngest elected councillor in the Free State. Served on the council at verious times for 24 years, elected Mayor for the greater Kroonstad transitional council in the new dispensation 1995-1998.

Joseph Yasbeck: Mayor of East London

Abey Karam: Married to Bernadette , he served four terms as Mayor of Delareyville.

Anthony Shidiack : Married to Mary ( nee Sahd) Mayor of Queenstown.

Japie Sorour: Spent 17 years on the Fiksburg City council . Opposed President Vervoed on the Fiksburg zonning law.

Eddie Sorour: Son of Japie Also spent 17 years on the Fiksburg City council. 

Joe Maroun: Became the President of Bristol Myers International group and The Vice president of Bristol Myers in New York

Dennis Sanan : Managing Director of Gillette’s in The United Kingdom. He studied Pharmacy . He spent 33 years with Gillette’s in South Africa , England and The United States. He was in leadership positions in all 3 countries.

Dr Bradley Jabour :Internationally recognized neuroradologist . He was a professor of Neuroradology at UCLA in Los Angeles California. Through his reseach he pioneered new techniques in cancer imaging. He lives in Santa Monica California.

Dr Christy Jabour :Retired doctor in Colorado, he is the father of Dr. Bradley Jabour.

Dr. Dorienne Jabour : Dentist Colorado. She  the sister of Dr Bradley Jabour.

Brandon Jabour – Cousin to Dr. Bradley Jabour. Vice President of Lilly in Canada, President of Lilly in Lebanon, and now Chief Operating Officer of Aspen Pharmceuticals in Dubai.

Peter Allem – Family had the largest corn farm in The Southern Hemisphere, and the only privately owned grain silos in The Southern Hemisphere. Father of Professional golfer Fulton Allem.

Bakos Brothers: Tyrone, Norman,Bernard, Dennis, Donald, ” Kings of the Furniture Business”, started their furniture business in 1971. Today they have branched out into property development.  

Stephen Bradley Saad : As at 2012, rated the 20th richest person in Africa. Co-founded Aspen Pharmacare in 1997 with $6.3 million; it’s now the largest publicly-traded drug manufacturer on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, with revenues expected to reach US$2 billion this year. He became a millionaire at age 29 after he sold his share in the drug business Covan Zurich for $3 million. 

Eddie Keyrouz : CEO SCA homes  as well Sterizone: helped to develop  and pateneted ozone generators, in conjunction with Potchefstroom University. Eddie received funding from Mark Shuttleworth and today the products are sold in USA , Britain Australia.

Dr. Darryl A. Kalil : Practices cardiology interventional medicine in North Carolina USA. Graduate of Cape Town university 1974 and The University of Iowa, he was resident Of Baragwaneth, Groote Schuur and Johannesburg Hospitals, before moving to USA.

Dr Bryan Kalil: MD brother of Dr Darryl Kalil , specializes in pediatric medicine Denison Texas . Bryan was a graduate of Cape Town University.

John Chemaly : Executive Head of Global Markets at Nedbank capital South Africa.

Norman Adami : President and CEO Miller Brewing company . President and CEO SABMiller  Americas. He started with South African Breweries in 1979 In Oct 2008 he became the Managing Director of South African Breweries before heading for the USA. 

Dr Domeena Renshaw :  Founded the first sex clinic in the Chicago area in 1972. Born in South Africa, where she obtained her medical degree. She went on to complete her psychiatric residency in the United States and in 1968, joined the faculty of the Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine.

Thomas Sasseen : South African Lebanese Coin designer, was responsible for the design of South African coins 1965 – 1989: Second Decimal Coin Series.

Dr. Richard Zock: South Africa’s first Lebanese doctor. During the 2nd world War he was sent as a medical doctor to North Africa, with the South African troops. His example, and compassion for the Lebanese community, set the way for hundreds of South African born  Lebanese doctors.

J.P. Farah: South African Lebanese first multi-millionaire . During the 40’s 2nd world war, there were shortages. JP sold Minora blades to the Military at a very high profit.

Victor Hanna: Was known as the” Potato King”. Every potato that was sold on the Johannesburg’s Newtown market, had to be sold through Victor, who made millions. He is the father of Roy Hanna , CEO of ‘Video Town’. ( see Rugby in sports section)

Buddy Lebanon ( Lebenon): Founder and CEO  of the” Cedar Radex Paint Compnay” ( See Boxing section).
Roy Hanna: Founder and Ceo of :” Video Town ” chain of Video stores ( see Rugby and racing sections). 

Anthony “Tony ” Farah: (Son of J.P.Farah), Founder of the Multinational Spescom group. Developed many new technologies including token-less prepaid metering, and successfully marketed these internationally. He retired as Executive Chairman and C.E.O. He is currently advising, and investing in new innovative ventures ,Farah Investment Company. He is a graduate of Wits university and Harvard in the US.

Tony Chemaly : Retired  “Receiver of revenue” Head of the South African Tax Dept.

Tony Chemaly : Brigadier General of the South African defence force. he is also a honorary colonel.
( not the same as The tax man above).

Dr. Emile J. Jammine : Captain in the South African Army during world war 2.

Elias Mansour Eid: First Lebanese to arrive in South Africa (between 1880-1885). he spent 10 years on the gold fields before returning to Lebanon with a tidy stash of gold he amassed. He opened the way for the first wave of Lebanese to move to South Africa.

Peter “Butros” Samra: South Africa’s , first Lebanese Entrepreneur . In the early 1900’s he owned a water mineral works and a furniture factory in Krugersdorp.He was well know and had many local magistrates as his friends. He died of the flu epidemic of 1918 .He was the Father of Tony Samra and grandfather of Pete,Clive and Bernard Samra.

Derek Manas: (Professor) is the Director of Organ Transplant in the North of England at the University of newcastle.Specialising in Liver, Kidney and Pancreas transplants.

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