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Memo Nbr 2009/09-02

September 18th, 2009

Memorandum to Members of the World Congress
CC: Officers and members fyi

Dear WLCU officers and members,

We have the pleasure to announce to you that the WLCU 16th World Congress will be held as mentioned in our previous memorandum in Mexico City as following :

On October 23rd an Extraordinary World Congess will be held in the old "Club LibanÚs" to vote for the amendmends suggested by the Bylaws amending committee chaired by the Past President Anis Garabet.

 On October 24th, the ordinary session of the World Congress will be held in the new "Club LibanÚs", following the enclosed agenda. It  will be followed, in the evening, by a dinner commemorating the 50th anniversary of the WLCU.

 On October 25th, will take place the election of a new board of the World Council, followed by the Conclusion of the Congress.

 Thus, find below the following information : 

1- Hotel fare and address to make your reservation,
2- Registration information,
3- Time Table,
4- Agenda,
5- Information of Visa Procedures for Participants.

 Finally, All the Regional Councils's presidents and Regional Secretaries General must ensure receipt of this memo by the concerned officers.

 Many Thanks  for President Bechara Bechara and the President of the National Council of Mexico Attorney Alejandro Kuri Adem and to all the National Council officers and members who are working hard to accomplish these events.

 Our Best Regards

      Elie Hakme                                                                            Georges Abi Raad
The World President
                                                                       World Secretary General

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Futher information please contact : Greg Cahi .... 082 442 3419


Eugene Kayat 08 333 08 767

 Bernard Karam on 082 777 0765

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