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Paul Anka, the former teen idol,of Lebanese descent, is Canada's newest tourism ambassador. The Canadian Tourism Commission awarded Mr. Anka the title in Ottawa Canada.Mr. Anka, now based in Los Angeles, has been a part of the North American music scene for more than 40 years. Billboard magazine has had at least one of his songs on its Top 20 charts charts for five consecutive decades.The son of Lebanese immigrants first broke into the entertainment scene in 1957.
At the tender age of 15 years, his song, Diana sold more than 8.5 million copies, making it the second-best-selling record ever, after Bing Crosby's rendition of White Christmas. Mr. Anka toured with such U.S. giants as Buddy Holly, the Everly Brothers and Frankie Avalon. He also wrote the lyrics to
"My Way" for the late Frank Sinatra, and later sung by the late Elvis Presley.

Vanessa Papollo, daughter of Tony and Nesby Toweel (Now residing in Australia) is presently performing in the United Arab Emirates at the Hilton Hotel.
She and her husband Antony perform as a duo and are shortly to be performing in Hong Kong.

Posted 1 January 2007
Hi Eugene,
How are yu buddy?
Would you please use the following as an article on your site to promote D.T.A.
Please let me know when it's available so I can promote it myself.

D.T.A wrote a song called "No Place Like Home" (Running Free In Lebanon), luckily enough, the song became a big hit, a number 1 winner in the contest. We believe that our song speaks those Freedom Believers throughout the world..

D.T.A=Doors To Aspiration's being continuously heard in 39 states in America alone so far. We will not rest until we are heard in all 50 states.

More states and cities are being added almost everyday. More and more people are finding out about D.T.A.

New York (N.Y.C, Buffalo, Brooklyn) California (Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose) New Jersey (Carteret, Bradley Beach, Wayne) North Carolina, South Carolina, Michigan, Tennessee (Chattanooga) Missouri, Iowa, Kentucky, Arizona (Tucson) Texas, Virginia, Illinois (Chicago, Evanston) Connecticut
(Willimantic) Pennsylvania, Wisconsin (Madison) Massachusetts (New Bedford, Boston, Westford) Louisiana, North Dakota, Mississippi (Oxford, Biloxi) Florida (Ocoee) Kansas, Colorado (Denver) Ohio (Akron) Maryland (Pasadena) Georgia (Duluth) Alabama (Birmingham) Maine, Indiana, Oklahoma (Tulsa) Minnesota, Oregon (Portland, Eugene) Utah, Washington, Nevada (Las Vegas) Alaska (Kodiak) Nebraska (Omaha) Arkansas (Little Rock).

Countries listening to D.T.A=Doors To Aspiration.

As far as the world, we're being heard in over 85 countries. More countries are being added too.

Lebanon, U.S.A, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom (England), Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, China, Colombia, India, Spain, The Philippines, Argentina, Finland, Mexico, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand, Brazil, Austria, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, Jordan, Dubai, Africa, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Greece, Iran, Ireland, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Poland, (Trinidad & Tobago) Guatemala, Russian Federation, Switzerland...

To listen to the song, use the following link:
The following link is to check out the wining page:

D.T.A is the reason our Lebanese flag is added to Kick Radio.

Log on to: Check out our Lebanese flag and listen to the show. They kick start the show with "No Place Like Home", the number 1 hit by D.T.A.

All the best,
D.T.A=(Doors To Aspiration)