Natural Bodybuilder Inducted to the Hall of Fame 
Pete Samra the 1980 Natural Mr USA and 1980 Mid American Natural Bodybuilding champion was Inducted to the INABA/PNBA Hall of fame, by world president Denny Kakos in Reno Nevada on Sunday the 13th of November. The Induction took place at a special awards ceremony during the 2011 Natural Olympia Bodybuilding Championships. The Natural Olympia is the pinnacle title in natural Bodybuilding. INABA/PNBA President Denny Kakos
introduced Pete Samra to the large crowd of athletes , officials and family memebers.He thanked Pete for his work against steroids as well as his years of promoting the cause. Samra , Kakos and Wally Boyko started the aba natural bodybuilding organization in 1988. Samra retired from the aba in 1998 when he was called into full time ministry in his native South Africa. Samra said during his speech "people ask me if I still Bodybuild , I answer yes. I am building the body of Christ. Samra who pastors a church in Surprise Az. Has helped to build 28 churches in the townships of South Africa. he travels world wide preaching. During his resent trip to the UK he preached in two large crusades in N. Ireland to crowds of the youth as well as a high school. He also saw many young people saved in his crusades in Wales and meetings in England. He challenged the athletes to go a step further and use their titles to clean up the sport form "steroids" as well as motivate the youth with a purpose for their lives. Samra who developed the R.E.S.T sytem of training, has trained many natural Bodybuilders for contests. A special dvd clip is available on you tube Pete Samra bodybuilder......   

Pete Samra Lebanese Bodybuilder
Pete Samra with World President - Denny Kakos
Pete Samra Lebanese Bodybuilder
Pete & Stephanie Samra
Pete Samra
Inducted to the INABA/PNBA Hall of Fame - Reno Nevada on Sunday the 13th November 2011